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J.C. Reifenberg: Producer, Director, Writer
Star Wars has always been a guiding light for J.C. From his first memories of going to see Return of the Jedi in the theater to meeting George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, his love for everything Star Wars has influenced all aspects of his life. Growing up, any time he was sick and missed school, his mom would rent Return of the Jedi for him to watch all day long. Throughout elementaFor Hughes The Force Joe has created the film’s full-size movie poster, as well as illustrated the tie-in prequel comic book.ry school he lived his own Star Wars adventures using his Kenner action figures. By junior high he had finally acquired all three of the Original Trilogy movies by recording them off broadcast TV. Every single night for three years he watched one of the movies before bed.

In high school he finally figured out what to do with rest of his life and to no one's surprise - at the urging of editor Chad Peiken - joined the GBN broadcasting team and started his journey towards becoming a filmmaker. It was during this time that he also discovered that filmmaker John Hughes attended the very same high school and set all of his movies in and around the world J.C. grew up in. The conclusion to J.C.'s high school career was the SA Wars fan film - a 10-minute Star Wars fan film starring the students of Glenbrook North in a bitter battle against the evil Faculty Empire. This was also the year 1999 and the hysteria of The Phantom Menace was inescapable. J.C. and several friends purchased advanced charity tickets to see the movie 3 days early. It was at this screening that he met Rosie O'Donnell who invited him to her show to compete live in a Star Wars trivia contest. His reputation followed him to college and was known as one of the UM (University of Miami) Jedi. He would help to create and act in short skits from popular movies that ran in the on-campus movie theater - only each of the main characters was replaced by a Jedi Knight.

After college J.C. moved to NYC and in 2005 earned a spot on MTV's TRL Star Wars trivia contest. After winning the contest he was able to fulfill the dream of going to Skywalker Ranch, and saw Revenge of the Sith three weeks early. After the show he had the opportunity to not only meet, but get a hug from George Lucas.

J.C. spent the next several years as a Producer/Cameraman/Editor for After attending several World Series, Baseball All-Star Games, and traveling with many baseball clubs, J.C. left and moved to Los Angeles to keep pursuing his dream of telling stories through film and video.

Ruark Dreher: Producer, Props/Costumes, Social Media
Ruark would have just been old enough to see ROTJ in the theater, but sadly, his parents ruined his childhood by never taking him... Earliest memories were being freaked out by the trash compactor dianoga in ANH and wearing out the copy of TESB videotaped off the ABC Sunday Movie. True fandom started in 1997 with seeing the Special Editions on the big screen. That led to picking up the Thrawn Trilogy books and reading almost the entire post-ROTJ EU over the years. In 2007, Ruark attended his first convention, Celebration IV, and was immediately drawn to the artists and their fine artwork, which now covers the walls of his home. Ruark only delved deeper into the artwork and fan community at Celebration V in 2010. A chance encounter with Director J.C. Reifenberg during the convention led to a great new friendship, and when J.C. solicited feedback on his new script, Ruark jumped at the chance to get involved and offered to help produce the movie. Another friendship from CV with artist Joe Hogan, led to Ruark bringing Joe on board to do the movie poster and prequel comic book.

While not having the particular connection to John Hughes that the others of the production team do, Weird Science is definitely Ruark’s favorite of the Hughes movies.

Ruark has degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, and is a professionally-licensed Hydro-Mechanical Engineer currently working for MWH Americas, Inc., the top multi-national engineering consulting firm specializing in "wet infrastructure". Ruark specifically works on hydroelectric projects – dams, turbines, generators, cranes, and large valves, etc. Ruark currently resides in Seattle. While not having specific film industry experience, Ruark has a special set of skills that in combination with the passion for Star Wars has been invaluable to the production.

Ruark can be contacted further at

Steven Koistinen: Producer, Writer, Cinematographer
Steven was ten years old when he first discovered Star Wars as he was flipping through the channels on television and caught a glimpse of Return of the Jedi. Not long after, a new friend sat him down and showed him what he had been missing. From then on he was hooked, and when the Special Edition versions of the originals were released in theaters in 1997, his fate as a fan was forever sealed. Since then, Star Wars has been a big part of his life. For years, every Sunday after church, his parents would take him to visit the local card shop and buy him a few packs of Decipher’s latest Star Wars CCG expansion, until he amassed a collection that numbered in the thousands (one of his favorites being a black border Han Solo from Premiere Limited). In the spring of 2001, he got the amazing opportunity to visit Skywalker Ranch, which served to help inspire his decision to become a filmmaker.

Before Steven became aware of the full scope of John Hughes’ work, he had already enjoyed movies such as Weird Science, Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. He discovered classics like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off later than most, but became an instant fan.

After graduating high school, attending a year of college, and working a couple of drone-like jobs, Steven decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in the only field that interested him... film. As soon as he arrived, he began attending the New York Film Academy at its Universal City, CA, campus. What followed was a year of total immersion in all aspects of filmmaking. After classes in writing, producing, cinematography, directing, and the opportunity to shoot exercises on the Universal Studios backlot, Steven graduated and began working on various independent productions around town. He gained experience in the Lighting, Camera, Art and Assistant Director departments. More recently, Steven attended UCLA Extension’s Cinematography Program, taking numerous in-depth and focused classes. He is also a professional member of Writers Boot Camp.

Currently, Steven is working as the Director of Photography for a Beverly Hills based studio, lighting and shooting celebrity interviews.

Steve can be contacted further at

Justin Yates: Writer, Assistant Editor
In Nursery School at the age of 3, Justin was introduced to Star Wars by his friend Warren and his Kenner action figures. A little bit later on the Home Alone movies and Ferris Bueller's Day Off changed the way he viewed the world and high-school attendance policies. His life has never been the same.

The Star Wars movies and the work of John Hughes opened him up to the world of cinema and from there he took his obsession to the galaxy of Boston University where he studied Screenwriting and Film Theory. He went on to pursue a career in Post-Production having worked as an assistant editor on such shows as Project Runway and The Real World, and will soon be joining on to Universal Studios production of Battleship, also as an assistant editor. Justin has never found particularly relevant use for the knowledge he acquired from the guides and expanded universe novels he poured over as a youngster until he ran into fellow (and by far superior) enthusiast J.C. Reifenberg. Justin and J.C. together with Steven combined their talents to create the most amazing fan-film to ever be created. Behold the magic, the glory, the splendiforousness of HUGHES THE FORCE!

You can find Justin on Facebook and Twitter.

Chad Peiken: Editor
Growing up in the shadow of the "Save Ferris" water tower and attending Glenbrook North High School on that famed Shermer Road, Chad had always felt a strong connection to the films of John Hughes. He agrees that a great day off would have to include a Cubs game and an impromptu Twist and Shout performance. As far as Star Wars goes, he had always considered himself a pretty big fan of the films -- until he met J.C. their freshman year of high school.

J.C. fortunately took Chad on as a Padawan Learner to teach him the true ways of the force. Soon Chad was hooked -- he even swore off seafood so he wouldn't eat any relatives of his hero, Admiral Akbar. By their senior year of high school, just about everything they did involved Star Wars. For their high school's awards assembly, Chad, J.C. and another student co-directed a 15 minute short Star Wars fan film (which you can see on this website) that contained 3D computer special effects, a cast of almost 100, and the largest budget ever for a high school student film -- about $27.

After that film and throughout college, Chad's focus shifted to post production. He is currently a senior managing editor at Nucontext Creative in Los Angeles. Although his computer program to create the perfect woman was not completely successful, he came awfully close as he and his wonderful girlfriend Becky live in Sherman Oaks with plenty of visits from their beloved furry friend Charlie.

You can see Chad's current work at or contact him at

Andy Margolis: Composer
Born & raised in John Hughs' home town of Northbrook, IL Andy Margolis discovered the piano at age 5. He made the switch to jazz full time by age 9 and began studying with acclaimed jazz instructor Alan Swain in Evanston. After earning the highest ratings in the history of a national high school jazz competition Andy accepted a full scholarship to Arizona State University. His jazz trio would rise to the top of the local scene and was tabbed "Best Piano Trio in AZ" by 91.5 FM.

However, a passion for composing eventually moved him out west to pursue a career writing music for film. In 2009 Andy's first score to the silent short film "Butcher Boys" was featured at the L.A. Comedy Film Festival. In 2010 Andy's first feature documentary "The Wayman Tisdale Story" won the Audience Choice Award at the Los Angeles All Sports Film Festival. Andy recently attended the UCLA Extension Film Scoring Program, which has produced Academy Award winner Michael Giacchino (Up, Star Trek, Lost) and is also a member of (Family Guy) composer Ron Jones' study group.

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Joe Hogan: Artist
Joe Hogan is an up and coming Star Wars artist who couldn't be more psyched to be a part of "Hughes the Force". As a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, majoring in cartooning. He's been passionate about Star Wars since the ripe age of 8, and 16 years later, he's doing everything he can to combine drawing and Star Wars to form a career that will be more powerful than he can possibly imagine.

Since graduating, he's finally getting his foot inside the blast door. His artwork has recently been featured on's main site and forum banners, as well as their Celebration V table banner and contest-winning forum badges for all TFN members attending Celebration V. He also did badges for Rebelscum's Pre-Celebration V Dinner, as well as an illustrated flyer. His most recent Star Wars project has been 262 Star Wars sketch cards to be inserted into Topps Trading Cards' Star Wars Galaxy Series 6.

For Hughes the Force Joe has created the film's full-size movie poster, as well as illustrated the tie-in prequel comic book.

You can see some of his Star Wars art on, or follow him on his often-updated DeviantArt site at!

Emily Christinson: Makeup and Hair Department Head

Initially, Emily's desire and passion for hair and make-up artistry began in the course of high school when she was recognized for her talents in hair and make-up artistry during school fashion shows which gained her popularity for special events. At a young age her career had begun. Shortly after obtaining professional training in hair artistry and cosmetology, she then ventured in a new direction receiving education in make-up artistry. From fashion, glamour, beauty, and era make-up and hairstyles, Emily can create new and exciting looks time after time. Traveling around Paris, Italy, and London with a group of young and ambitious photographers and artists just like Emily, she was able to find her niche in the freelance industry.

Emily loves not only making sure that the hair color, cuts, wigs and extensions appear perfect but she also loves creating the right makeup for any kind of lighting. Her favorite part of being a freelancer is traveling to different locations and knowing how to create looks that are conducive to the locations demographic and weather. She also enjoys breaking down a script and making sure the look fits not only the character but also keeping the critical eye on continuity throughout the process.

Today, holding her Bachelor's degree from UCLA and have written her senior thesis on the global cosmetic industry, Emily feels that she is able and willing to take on any challenging projects that grab her attention, Hughes the Force being one of them. She is able to use the right products to make someone look younger as she specializes in anti-aging, which came handy with some of the talent in HTF. Emily recognizes each new creation and project taken on as a rewarding experience that has made a difference in ones look and overall confidence in front of the camera. From men's grooming, youthful makeup, body airbrushing, and wig styling, Emily enjoyed the collaboration between Director J.C. Reifenberg's vision for the cast combined with her overall talents to create exactly what he had envisioned.

For more information on how Emily created looks for HTF and to view complete resume and contact info, please view